St. Anthony

P.O. Box 21, Mampong, Asante

Parish Priest: Fr. Samuel Kwame Danso (0207891776 / 0542759769)

Sunday Mass: 8:30 a. m

Outstation: (3) Hwidiem, Mprim, Ninting

Short History

The History of Bosofour parish dates back to 1922. Before that year, its founding members enrolled as church members at Jamasi where every Sunday they went on foot to attend Mass. The founding members were Op. Osei Kwame, Op. Kwadwo Ntoso, Op. Yaw Agyei and others, all of blessed memory.

The foirst church president was Op. Kwame Mensah. The the church developed to some extent, it came under the administration of the priest at Jamasi, who often came to celebrate Mass at Bosofour the first Parish priest was Rev. Fr. Bouchie in 1948. Members of Bosofour Members extalished a branch at Mampong and upon a request made by one Mamponghene by name Nana Kwabena Dwomoh to bishop Bronk who paid a visit to Bosofour, the resident centre was moved from Bosofour to Mampong. The Bosofour church came under Mampong Parish. However Bishop Bronk decreed that every Sunday the first Holy Mass was to be celebrated at Bosofour and the second at Mampong. This directive was adhered to by all the past parish priest of Mampong until the creation of Konongo-Mampong diocese.

As a results of intensive envangilization by Bosofour and Mampong churches, others were established at Benim, Nyinapong, Nsuta, Atwea, Atonsu etc. With the creation of Konongo-Mampong Diocese, on March 3 1995, the Bishop of the diocese, Most Rev. Joseph Osei-Bonsu, made Bosofour church a Rectorate and appointed the then Financial Administrator, Fr. John Albert Opoku Acquah, to be the priest in charge. Realizing the further development of the church the Bishop made Bosofour a Parish.



St. Anthony

P.O. Box 61, Ejura - Ashanti

Parish Priest: Fr. Daniel Dapaah (0508150940 / 0243072923)

Sunday Mass: 7:00a.m.

Outstation: (11) Adidwan, Aframso, Asempanaye, Atonsu Agya, Bayere-nkwanta, Bonyon-Dromankuma, Dwenewoho, Hiawoanwu, Kasei, Kropo, Waraso.


St. Paul

P.O. Box 54, Mampong, Ashanti;

Administrator : Fr. Augustine Owusu-Sekyere

Tel: 0206538832 / 0242882852

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Asists. Fr.  Anthony Twum (0243630802)

         Fr. Clement Appiah Kwame Ntiamoah (0540598904)

Sunday Mass 9:15a.m

Outstations: (10) Aboutem, Akyease, Amoamang, Ankamadoa, Atonsu, Bosomkyekye, Bunuso, New Daamang, Kwamang, Kyebi Danso, Nkwanta, Gallibakrom.

Short History

For the History of the establishment of the St. Paul church, Mampong, see the history of the church in Bosofour given above. The St Paul church was elevated to the status of Cathedral on 3 March 1995 by Pope John Paul II.



Rectorate: St. Peter

P.O. Box 28, Nsuta, Ashanti

Rector: Fr. Sebastian Oppong (0246665816 / 0200248281)

Sunday Mass 9:30a.m

Outstations: Abonkosu, Atwea, Banko, Beposo, Bonkrong, Jansah, Nkwabirem

Short History:

Catholicism was introduced to Nsuta by one Mr. Amoah who came from Offinso in about 1930. He came to Nsuta as a court Registrar and together with his newphew, Mr. Wiafe, took the opportunity to mobilize some people to begin the church. Some of them included John Peprah, Kwadwo Adom , Kwame Boateng, Op. Junfour, Kwasi Manu, Op. Paul Addai, Akuah Tawiah, Maame Gyaamah, Maame Adoma, Mary wiafe Akenteng, Paul Gyamfi , Elizabeth Gyamfi, and many others. They first worshipped in the house of Paul K. Gyamfi.

Mr. Amoah served as the catechist and the church President. After some time, Mr. Amoah was transferred and Mr. Paul Gyamfi was elected the church president. All along, it was an outstation of Jamasi Parish. As time went on, a piece of land belonging to Maame Yaa Dufie was given to the church for a church building and a catholic school around the year 1942.

Arround 1953, when Mampong parish was carved from Jamasi Parish, the church in Nsuta came under Mampong Parish. Nsuta was later raised to the level of a chaplaincy when Nsutaman Secondary School was built with Fr. James Morrow as the first Chaplain and Headmaster from1973-1983. He then given additional responsibility of taking charge of the catholic church in Nsuta and the nearby catholic churches or stations. Frs. Stephen Osei Duah (1983-1993) James Barfour Addo(1993-2004) John Kyere (2004-2010) and Dominic Nifa Yamoah (2010-) have served at Nsuta after Fr. Morrow. Soon after the creation Konongo-Mampong Diocese in 1995, Nsuta gained the status of a Rectorate with Atwea, Banko, Beposo, Bronkong and Jansah as its outstations.



Parish St. Francis Xavier & St Anthony.

C/O Secretariat, P.O. Box 382, Mampong Ashanti

Parish Priest: Fr. John Adjei Boamah (0249426590)

Resident at Anyinasu

Sunday Mass 7:30a.m

Outstations: (11) Afram-Ano, Atonobi, Awabire, Drobon, Frante, J.K. Nkwanta, Kobiriti, Kofiase, Nkrampo, sekyedumasi.

Short History

The St. Athony’s Rectorate was created on 2nd September, 2003 with Anyinasu, as the Rectorate Centre. It was created from Boamang and Mampong Parishes with three small stations ( Kofiase, Afram-Ano, and Awabire) Later in 2007 Atonobi, Drobon, Frante, J.K. Nkwanta, Kobriti, Kyeradeso, Nkrampo, and Sekyedumase were carved out of Ejura Parish and added to it to make Sekyeduamsi-Anyinasu Parish.




P.O. Box 55, Ejura, Asante

Ag. Rector: Fr. Raymond S.M.A (Priest In charge), Tel: 0542292920


Sunday Mass 9:30a.m.

Outstation: (25) Adamu, Asaasebon Frafra,Asaasebonsu, Abubuabu, Asuogya Denkyira, Attakpame/Dome, Atta Akuraa I,Atta Akuraa II, Bompa, Congo I/Attakpame, Congo III, Congo-Nkwanta, Dome, Gruma Akuraa, Gyato/Yaya, Jato Akuraa/Santaso, Konja Akuraa, Kwabena Akuraa, Makyere, Njaya, Nkrama, Nokwareasa, Obre-nnye-kwa, Samari-Nkwanta, Taylor/Gyankaka.


OKU RECTORATE Our Lady of Assumption

P.O. Box 130, Ejura, Ashanti, Tel: 03223-22175

Rector: Fr. Hyacinthe, SMA (0546894023) 

Sunday Mass 10:00a.m.

Outstations (23) Aburaa, Adobesu, Adonso, Anyinofi, Baabayiri, Bekawe, Hamidu, Jelome, Kintampo, Kwabena Dapaa, Kwadwo Mensah, Maalu, Madina, Mosi Panin, Pachanga, Pipiiso, Poolo, Saabum, Seneso, Twinantwi, Tuntum, Yakubu, Yaw Tuffour.

Short History

Oku Rectorate was established in 1993. The following Priest served the rectorate till 2004. Fr. Robert Clobus, S.M.A, Daniel Asiamah, Patrick Lynch S.M.A, Wilfred Petrus Henricus KouijerSMA. The St. Louis Sisters have a Convent in Oku and take care of the local clinic and Primary/ JHS, The majority of the congregation are migrants from the Northen Regions of Ghana.






About Us

The diocese of Konongo‑Mampong was created on 3 March 1995 by His Holiness Pope John Paul II.  It was carved out of two other dioceses, namely the Diocese of Kumasi and the diocese of Sunyani.  About 90% of the territory of the new diocese of Konongo- Mampong belonged to the diocese of Kumasi, which was created in 1950.

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